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Loadrite East Texas is your distributor for:

Loadrite On-Board Loader Scales
Tecweigh Conveyor Belt Scales
Tecweigh Control Gate


  • Loadrite is an on-board loader scale and fits onto any size loader.  LET Loadrite East Texas install your scale, calibrate it and train the operator in how to use it.  Click on 'Loadrite' for more information on models available.
  • Loadrite's PitBoss is now available!  15%+ increases in productivity have been seen over the course of a year using the PitBoss on one pit loader!  Click on 'Loadrite' for more info.
  • Tecweigh conveyor belt scales - industry leading technology with 5-year warranty. Click on 'Conveyor Scales' for more info.
  • Tecweigh control gates - Eliminate expensive vibrating, belt or apron feeders.  Click on 'Control Gates' for more info.