We are the authorized Loadrite Distributors for Texas & New Mexico.

L-3180 Smart Scale


A SmartScale is the next generation of onboard weighing that uses artificial intelligence for more accurate, precise and faster loading. It also connects machines and devices for the collection and syncing of loading data. 

When the pressure is on and customers are waiting, you need to perform faster without compromising accuracy and precision. The new L3180 SmartScale for loaders adjusts for rough terrain, technique, and movement so new and skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed. 



  • Weighing artificial intelligence adjusting for rough terrain, technique, and machine movement for with greater accuracy, precision and speed.
  • Greater loading accuracy
  • New multi-axis solid-state IMU sensors
  • In-cab performance KPIs (ton/hour, tons, truck count), production metrics (ton/product) and Productive Time Tracking (time/product, time/task)
  • Data caching during power or signal weakness/loss
  • Loading location heatmap to monitor incorrect stockpile or truck loading
  • Built-in WiFi and GPS
  • 5.7” color touch screen
  • eTicket sends load tickets via email

L-3180 Brochure (pdf)


L-3180 Datasheet (pdf)